Cyndicate system

It is a legal requirement that all cyclists indicate when at a junction by stretching out their arm in the direction of the proposed turn. The Cyndicate signal system gives the added assurance that the signalling continues even when after the cyclist's hands are back on the handle bar. So what if the person behind didn’t see you, once you have put your hand back on the handle bars there is nothing to tell that person what you have just signalled What do you do at night on poorly light roads? Did that driver see your arm? You don’t know if they saw you or not. With Cyndicate, you continue to indicate even when your hands are back on the handle bar.

Wireless signalling
Cinque Terre

The law states that all UK Cyclists should signal at junctions by stretching out their hand in the direction they want to turn. But what happens when you put your hands back on the handlebar or its on a dimly lit road at night?

Cinque Terre

The Cyndicate system gives the added assurance that signalling to turn at junctions is clear, visible, safe and ongoing. Simply press the required button on the indicator which is safely fastened to your handle bar.

Cinque Terre

With Cyndicate your can ride safely knowing that we've got your back. Cyndicate produces a flashing LED light in the direction you wish to turn. After you have turned, cyndicate continues to flash forwards until you are ready to turn again.


All cyclists have the right to use UK roads, but legally we have to remove our hands from the handle bar (including brakes) in order to signal at junctions. Our wireless LED signalling system helps cyclists continue to indicate, so everyone is safer.


Frequency of wireless: 2.4GHZ
Controlling transmitter: within 3m


Battery: 2* CR2032 (included)
Waterproof grade: IPX-5
* non rechargeable


Battery: 3.7V, 600mAh Lithium battery (included)
Material: PCBA